Audioroot eSmart BG-DU Universal Power Distribution with Fuel Gauge

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Model:  AR-BG-DU
Part Number:  eSMART BG-DU
Manufacturer:  Audioroot

(£232.50 Exc. VAT)
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In stock now

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The eSMART BG-DU is a compact and lightweight powering box with 8 protected outputs, 3 locking switches and a full featured fuel gauge.

This product was designed for use in large sound bags or small location carts. The power distributor can be connected to any battery type (SLA, NI-MH or LI-ION) and the fuel gauge provides all the informations required to monitor the battery’s state of charge (voltage, current, power, etc…).

The eSMART BG-DU uses an internal coulomb counter and a calibration routine to measure the battery’s true capacity and display it’s remaining capacity in real time. This power distributor is also fully compatible with our full line of Li-XXwh smart batteries. A stainless steel clip is included and can be mounted on the top or bottom of the unit for easy attachment in a sound bag.

  • Real time monitoring of the battery’s SOC : remaining capacity (%), run time estimation, battery voltage, power consumption, power and coulomb counter
  • 8 switchable outputs using 3 locking switches
  • Polyswitch 2.5A resetable fuses on each output
  • A blinking LED indicates when the battery capacity falls below 10 %
  • Compatible with any battery ranging from 6 to 24V
  • Stainless steel clip included
  • Compact and lightweight : (129g , 85x75x30mm)

Please note if you are not using AUDIOROOT eSMART batteries then you must calibrate your existing battery by following these steps.

Calibration process:

This process is not required when using AUDIOROOT eSMART Li-xxWh batteries.
The 2 push buttons of the front panel are inoperative when an eSMART battery is connected to the system.

1. Mark the battery you wish to calibrate with a number ranging from 1 to 8. The battery must be fully charged before starting the calibration process.
2. Plug the battery on the eSMART BG-DU power distributor with a compatible power cable (preferably leave pins 2 and 3 on the Hirose connector unused)
3. Plug all the equipment that will be used in normal operation (for example a portable mixer, a transmitter and 2 receivers).
4. Put all 3 power switches of the eSMART BG-DU in ON position and power on all your equipment.
5. By using the 2 push buttons select the battery index that was chosen in step #1.
6. Initiate the calibration process by pushing the 2 push buttons simultaneously. The fuel gauge will now be measuring and saving the value of the total current drawn. This process should be ended only when the battery is empty. In the case of a li-ion or LiFePO4 battery the calibration will stop automatically when the low voltage protection circuit of the battery trips. When calibrating a battery of another chemistry (SLA or Ni-Mh) the user needs to shutdown the fuel gauge manually when the battery's voltage level gets too low in order to terminate the calibration process correctly (for example the low voltage level of a 6 cell SLA battery is 10.5 Volts : this value can be used to terminate the calibration process of a standard SLA battery).
The fuel gauge is now aware of the battery's total capacity. The user only needs to recall the corresponding battery index number when connecting a fresh battery to monitor its state of charge efficiently and accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: A battery that has been previously calibrated must always be connected fully charged to the eSMART BG-DU or the state of charge indications will be inaccurate. 

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