DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens & Accessories Special Offer Bundle

DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens & Accessories Special Offer Bundle

    • 1 x DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens
    • 1 x DPA DAD Microdot Adapter of your choice
    • 1 x DPA SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip
    • 1 x DPA DUA0560 Foam Windscreen for DPA Microphones (Black)
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Model:  PN-BNDL-DPA-4060S
Manufacturer:  DPA Microphones

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DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens & Accessories Special Offer Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens
  • 1 x DPA DAD Microdot Adapter of your choice
  • 1 x DPA SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip
  • 1 x DPA DUA0560 Foam Windscreen for DPA Microphones (Black)

DPA d:screet™ SCO60-S Omnidirectional Slim Lavalier Microphone, Hi-Sens

Most Popular Adapters

DAD6034 - 3.5mm Locking for Sennheiser
DAD6019 - 3.5mm for Sony
DAD6001-BC - 3-pin XLR (P48) with Belt Clip
DAD6003 - 3-pin Lemo for Senn, Shure, Wisycom
DAD6004 - Large 6-pin Lemo for Audio Ltd. & Micron
DAD3056 - TA5 for Lectrosonics
DAD6035 - 4-pin Lemo for Audio Ltd.

Available Colours: Black & Beige

With its very compact size, the new DPA d:screet™ Slim miniature 4060 lavalier microphone is perfect for the film industry and is ideal for concealed applications. The capsule is exactly the same as with its regular 4060 counterpart, while its dimensions are equivalent to that of the flat d:fine™ capsule's construction, though with cable and cable relief instead of a stiff boom.

The d:screet™ Slim mics all come with a unique new Button-hole Mount included in the package, allowing even better performance when concealed under the seam of a shirt. This cap is to be mounted on the mic head and has a small side entry pipe (diameter of 2 mm) making it possible to have the sound enter through a button hole or the like directly to the diaphragm. At the same time, the cable runs perpendicular to this tube, making it easy to secure the slim mic head on the rear side of the clothes.

The DPA d:screet™ Slim Miniature mic is available in four colours (B=black, F=beige, C=brown, W=white) and two sensitivities (60 – high sens and 61 – low sens) at the same prices as equivalent d:screet™ 4060 series miniature mics, with specifications to match. The Black mic will have a black mesh grid, the white, beige and brown mics will have metallic mesh grids.

Official measurements of the d:screet Slim capsule, at its widest points are 9.5 x 5.3 x 2.9 mm (length x width x depth).

DPA DAD Microdot Adapters

DPA Microphones have created a wide range of adapters to suit any of your lavalier needs. Featuring MicroDot to almost any termination you could ever need!

See below for the list of available adapters. As you select from the drop-down list above, the image of the product will show up for you. If you are unsure as to which termination you need for your setup, don't hesitate to contact us!

Available Adapters:

DAD3050 - Adapter for TOA WM360/4310 (For low DC microphones)
DAD3051 - Adapter for Ramsa WX-RP410 (for low dc microphones)
DAD3052 - Adapter for AKG PT 40 (for low dc microphones)
DAD3053 - Adapter for Sabine SW70-T (for low dc microphones)
DAD3056 - Adapter for Lectrosonics LM, SM and UM series (for low dc microphones)
DAD3057 - Adapter for Zaxcom TRX900 (For low DC microphones)
DAD4099-BC - Adapter for Microdot to 3-Pin XLR with Belt Clip & Low Cut
DAD6001-BC - Adapter for Microdot to 3-Pin XLR with Belt Clip
DAD6002 - Adapter for Sennheiser BF1083-U/BF1053-U
DAD6003 - Adapter for Sennheiser SK 50/250/3063/5012
DAD6004 - Adapter for Audio Ltd. TX 2000/TX 2020/TX 2040
DAD6006 - Adapter for BeyerDynamic TS42/TS85/TS190
DAD6008 - Adapter for Sony DWT-B01/WRT820/WRT860/WRT8
DAD6009 - Adapter for Samson CT-2/TX-3/UT4/UT5/UT6
DAD6010 - Adapter for Shure U1/UR1/UT1/SC1/SLX1/ULX1, TOA WM4300, PGX1 and Line 6 XD-V70L
DAD6011 - Adapter for Vega T-66/T-677 and Shure U1L
DAD6012 - Adapter for Lectrosonics M185
DAD6017 - Adapter for AKG PT 60/80/81/400/450/4000 and Samson UT1L, VT2L
DAD6018 - Adapter for Wisycom/Pastega TMA16/TMU20 (3 Wire Preset)
DAD6019 - Adapter for Sony Freedom WRT 805
DAD6021 - Adapter for AT ATW-T101 (U100) and Lectrosonics UHF systems (low level)
DAD6022 - Adapter for Audio-Technica ATW-T51 (1400 SERIES)
DAD6024 - Adapter for Microdot to 3-Pin XLR (P48) W. Mid range attenuation
DAD6025 - Adapter for Micron Explorer Series/TX700
DAD6026 - Adapter for BeyerDynamic TS 500/600 and Trantec
DAD6028 - Adapter for Audio-Technica ATW-T75 (7000 SERIES)/ATW-T210
DAD6030 - Adapter for Electro-Voice CSB-1000 (RE1/RE2) and Telex
DAD6032 - Adapter for BeyerDynamic Opus 300/500/800/900 and Mipro ACT-707T/TE/TM/TS/MT103/303/801/808
DAD6033 - Adapter for Audio-Technica ATW-T1000 D/ATW-T310/AEW-T1000/ATW-T701
DAD6034 - Adapter for Sennheiser Evolution/G2, X2 Digital Wireless, Audio Ltd. EN2 TX
DAD6035 - Adapter for Audio Ltd. EN2 MiniTX
DAD6036 - Adapter for Trantec S5.5 (UHF)
DAD6038 - Adapter for Audio Ltd. EN2 TXP

DPA SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip

Introducing the brand new 4-way clip for lavalier mics: The DPA SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip is a versatile, hardy and easy-to-use clip for all DPA d:screet™ miniature lavalier microphones.

The SCM0013-B lav mic clip offers:

  • Fast and secure mounting options
  • Upward- and downward-facing mounting
  • Left- and right-facing mounting
  • Multiple cable management mounting options

DPA has made a versatile 4-way SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip to cater to all the needs of the modern broadcast, ENG and corporate sound professional. The SCM0013-B is precision engineered from extremely durable materials to withstand the working environment. Careful consideration has gone into designing not only a high-quality product that lasts, but into the SCM0013-B mic clip’s usability.

Durable, Ergonomic Design

Ease of use has been a leading consideration in every step of the SCM0013-B clip’s design process. Everything from the spring tension, matt-finish materials, grips and exact angle and length of the clip’s lever combines to allow for no-fuss handling under pressure.

Multiple Lav Mic Positions

The innovative clip design means you can fit your lavalier mic into the SCM0013-B clip with the capsule facing in any one of four positions: up, down, left or right. There are no moving parts to hinder the process. Simply press the mic into the clip and you’re ready to go.

Ingenious Cable Management

DPA’s SCM0013-B Lavalier Microphone Clip has three points for cable attachment meaning it fits seamlessly into your style of attachment for the cable and mic capsule.

DPA DUA0560 Foam Windscreen for DPA Microphones 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4071 - 1 Pack (Black)

The DUA0560 Foam Windscreen reduces speaking and environmental noise for the DPA Microphones 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4071 series miniature omnidirectional microphones.

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