Neumann KM A Output Stage - Analogue Preamp Only

Neumann KM A Output Stage - Analogue Preamp Only

    • Modular miniature microphone system
    • Newly developed passive capsule design
    • Low self-noise, a wide dynamic range
    • Very high immunity to electromagnetic interference
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Model:  NEU-KMA-BL
Part Number:  008635
Manufacturer:  Neumann

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Neumann KM A Output Stage

The modular KM A / KM D miniature microphone system is a further development of the successful KM 100 series. The newly developed passive capsule design is available with 8 different directional characteristics, and can be combined modularly as desired with an analog (KM A) or digital (KM D) output stage in accordance with the AES 42 standard. The new, considerably smaller microphone capsules and an extensive program of accessories permit excellent adaptation of the microphone system to a wide range of applications.

Through the use of the most up-to-date electronic components the system offers many electroacoustic and operational advantages, such as lower self-noise, a wider dynamic range and very high immunity to electromagnetic interference. The acoustics of the capsules were taken from the proven KM 100 system.

Overview of Microphone Capsules

KM A/KM D Output Stage

The KM A analog output stage with P48 phantom power has a switch for pre-attenuation of 10 dB. The microphones can thus handle levels of up to 152 dB (depending on the capsule type). The KM D digital output stage converts the signal from the capsule directly into a digital signal. The result is an AES/EBU signal with 24 bits and a large dynamic range. The integrated digital signal processor (DSP) permits remote control of the microphones, including the digital gain, pre-attenuation (6 dB, 12 dB or 18 dB) and low-cut filter (0 Hz, 40 Hz, 80 Hz or 160 Hz). An integrated peak limiter and compressor/limiter with additional de-esser function prevents any overloading of the audio signal.

The dimensions (diameter 22 mm, length 93 mm) of the analog and digital output stages are identical. As a result, all accessories can be used in combination with both output stages.

Upon request, a mechanical adapter can be supplied to adapt microphone capsules of the KM 100 system (AK series) to the KM A and KM D output stages.

The modular solution permits the microphone capsule to be separated from the output stage by a distance of up to 100 m. The LC 4 microphone cable with a length of 5 or 10 meters is available as a standard solution. Alternatively, capsule extensions of different lengths, swivel joints and stand mounts, etc., can be used for a flexible system setup.

The capsule heads KK 183, KK 184 or KK 185, together with the appropriate output stage, are also available as a set, in which case they are referred to as KM 183 A, KM 183 D, etc.

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