Beachtek DXA-MAX Camera Audio Adapter


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  • Adapter to record high quality audio
  • Built-in VU meter allows easy setup
  • Small and lightweight to fit on cameras
  • LiPO battery for up to 10 hours battery life


What's included:

Beachtek DXA-MAX Adapter
Built-in LiPo Battery
Removeable cheese plate
Micro USB Cable
3.5 mm to 3.5 mm output cable
Brass mounting foot, bolt and allen wrench
Quick Start Guide
Two year warranty

Beachtek DXA-MAX Camera Audio Adapter

The DXA-MAX is Beachtek's premium adapter to record high quality audio directly to your camera from virtually any source – no syncing required. Superb operation and ease of use make capturing pro audio a snap. The built-in VU meter makes it very easy to set the precise recording level for the best audio performance. The compact size makes it ideal for use with the latest mirrorless cameras. Built-in LiPO battery powers the adapter for up to 10 hours.


  • Trim Control
  • VU Meter
  • Headphone Support
  • 1 x XLR input
  • 1 x Stereo Mini-Jack Input
  • Built-in LiPo Battery
  • Versatile Mounting Options
  • Low-Noise Preamplifier
  • Mounting Shoes
  • 2 x Mono Mini-Jack Inputs
  • Cheese Plate
  • Bracketing

Upgrade to Pro Audio

Easily connect wireless systems, camera mounted mics as well as professional handheld and boom microphones.

Go pro with all the features you need including a built-in XLR connector with 48 volt phantom power for connecting any pro mic. In addition, there are two 3.5 mm mono and one 3.5 mm stereo mini-jacks with plug-in power for connecting any camera mounted mic such as the popular Rode VideoMics. You can also easily connect a wireless receiver to either the XLR or mini-jack inputs. Connect two audio sources at a time for two-channel recording. Each channel can easily be independently adjusted for the optimum recording level. The DXA-MAX gives you the ability to connect whatever microphones work best for your situation.

Connect to a Mixing Board

Capture clean audio directly from any mixer.

Want to connect a sound mixer? No problem! Simply use a readily available barrel attenuator like this one from Shure between the mixer and XLR input of the adapter. For a two channel feed from a mixer, you can use an attenuating “Y” cable like this one from Sescom between the mixer and STEREO input on the DXA-MAX.

Built-in VU Meter

Check your levels at a glance.

No more guessing at where to set your levels. The key to getting the best audio performance is to be sure that the levels are in the “sweet spot” for the highest signal-to-noise ratio. Too low and you are near the noise floor of the camera preamplifiers, too high and you risk clipping and distortion. The VU Meters make it easy to see exactly where you are which eliminates all guess work.

Bright easy-to-read LED’s are visible under virtually all lighting conditions.

Use with a smartphone

With the optional RODE SC7 smartphone cable, you can easily connect a professional XLR microphone for superb audio. Ideal for use with interview mics for one channel audio.

You can also record two-channel audio onto an iPhone with the optional RODE AI-Micro Compact Audio Interface and Beachtek BT-SC6 cable. This allows you to use the bracketing feature to record audio to both channels at different levels so you have a backup track in case the primary one gets one blown out. You can also add a second mic or wireless with a TRS connector to the second channel.

Ultra Performance

Powerful preamplifiers for hiss free audio.

Powerful low-noise preamplifiers with dual gain settings provide a strong, clear signal to the camera. This allows you to reduce the camera gain which dramatically reduces the hiss.  You can now use the very clean preamplifiers in the adapter to effectively replace the preamplifiers in the camera. This is the key to dramatically increasing the signal-to-noise ratio for in camera recording. You now get comparable or better results than using a separate digital audio recorder to capture quality audio.

Audio Bracketing

Setup a second channel for backup.

A very useful feature allows you to use audio bracketing when using a single mono microphone to have a backup channel that is recorded at a lower level. This gives you a safety track in case the primary channel gets distorted from an overly hot input.

Removeable Cheese Plate

Modular design for lots of versatility.

The removable Cheese Plate has a built-in shoe slot plus several threaded ¼” and 3/8” mounting holes to easily add accessories to the top of your camera. Each side of the chassis also has additional built-in sturdy mounting shoes which is ideal for mounting wireless microphones. The brass mounting foot allows the unit to attach to the camera shoe so it is up and out of the way of the camera battery drawer. Our optional V-CLIK makes it even easier to quickly and securely click-on and click-off anything from lights, microphones, monitors and more.

Impressive Run Times

Up to ten hours of operation per change.

No more having to waste money on buying replacement batteries. Built-in high capacity LiPo battery for up to ten hours of operation when phantom power is not being used. Check battery level at a glance with Green/Yellow/Red status indicator. You can also power the device externally via the Micro USB port from any commonly available USB battery for unlimited run times.

Virtually Indestructible

Reliability you can count on.

Tough, extruded aluminum chassis is virtually indestructible with rock solid electronics you can rely on. Not even a two-ton truck rolling over it will damage it. Works under pressure – just like you do!


Maximum Input Levels

LO gain -14dBu
HI gain - 29dBu

Output Level-26dBu at 0dB
Frequency Response20Hz to 20jHz (+/- 0.5dB)

Less than 0.03% @ 1kHz, -30dBu input

S/N Ratio85dB @ 1Khz, -30dBU input
GainLO +15dB
HI +30dB
Phantom PowerRegulated 48 volt power
Current to 14mA (direct short)
Plug-in Power3.5 volts on all mini-jack mic inputs
Battery TypeBuilt-in 3.7V 2400mAH LiPo
Battery Duration10 hours typical (no phantom)

4" x 3" x 1.5" (L x W x H)

Weight14 oz. (0.4 kg)

Beachtek DXA-MAX Camera Audio Adapter


(£208.33 ex. VAT )
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Out of Stock

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  • Adapter to record high quality audio
  • Built-in VU meter allows easy setup
  • Small and lightweight to fit on cameras
  • LiPO battery for up to 10 hours battery life