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CEDAR sndx Noise Suppression Plugin for Sound Devices 8-Series

Wednesday, 27 January 2021  |  Pinknoise

CEDAR sndx Noise Suppression Plugin for Sound Devices 8-Series

CEDAR sndx Noise Suppression Plugin for Sound Devices 8-Series

With the Sound Devices firmware version 7.40 for the 8-Series mixer-recorders, comes the introduction of the just-released CEDAR sdnx noise suppression plugin.

Over the last few decades, CEDAR has become synonymous with real-time, low-latency, and artifact-free audio restoration and noise suppression. CEDAR sdnx brings CEDAR Audio Ltd.’s highly-regarded noise suppression technology to 8-Series mixer-recorders. Choose between 2, 4, and 8 instances that can be applied to any channel or bus!

CEDAR sdnx has near-zero latency and one simple control for adjusting the amount of suppression. Up to 8 instances of CEDAR sdnx are available per mixer-recorder/device. These instances can run on any combination of isolated channels (excluding 17-32 on Scorpio) or bus. The plugin functions at sample rates up to and including 96 kHz.

Previously, using CEDAR with an 8-Series mixer-recorder required a separate hardware unit like the CEDAR DNS 2. This collaboration between CEDAR and Sound Devices marks the first time CEDAR technology has been available in-unit for any portable mixer-recorder. Now, even ultra-light portable recording setups have access to CEDAR noise suppression.

Demo versions of both NoiseAssist 2-channel and CEDAR sdnx 2-channel are available to 8-series users. Firmware 7.10 included NoiseAssist 2-channel demo (with a 10 second tone burst) and the latest firmware 7.40 also includes CEDAR sdnx 2-channel demo (again with the with 10 second tone burst)

Sadly, you can’t use demo both products side by side, each one has to be enabled separately. But this mirrors the real-world usage as you can’t enable both the NoiseAssist and CEDAR sdnx plugins at the same time.

CEDAR sdnx requires 8-Series firmware v7.40 or higher. Want to try before you buy? The 2-instance version of the plugin is available as a demo on 8-Series running v7.40 or higher.

Sound Devices' very own Paul Isaccs gives a brief run-down on how to setup and install the CEDAR sdnx plugin

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