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Let's Reset Mental Health Campaign

Friday, 8 October 2021  |  Pinknoise

We’re supporting the #LetsReset mental health campaign.

Why we need to act

A recent survey commissioned by the Film and TV Charity has found that:

9 in 10 people working behind the scenes in film and TV have experienced a mental health problem1

4 out of 5 workers in film and TV think the intensity of work is having a negative impact on their mental health1

Only 10% of people think the film and TV industry is a mentally healthy place to work1

It’s clear we need to rethink how we do things in our industry – let’s put wellbeing first.

1. Brightpurpose evaluation survey of over 2000 people in the industry, focused on their experiences in the past year

Why Pinknoise is supporting the Let's Reset campaign:

Because the film & TV industry is where magic is made, but 9 out of 10 people working within it have experienced poor mental health.

We didn’t take these jobs because we thought they’d be easy.

We took them because we’re passionate about what we do.

But, through unhealthy hours, bad practices, bullying, harassment, racism and ableism, the wellbeing of our people has been strained to breaking point.

Now is the time for our industry to come together and create a healthier working culture.

As individuals, we’ll do our best to look after ourselves and each other, especially those under our supervision.

But we won’t succeed without support and leadership from platforms, broadcasters, producers, studios and cinemas.

So let’s build on what we’ve learned and put our wellbeing and mental health centre-stage.

Let’s redefine our working culture.

Let’s rediscover the magic of film & TV.

Let’s reset.

If we’ve got you thinking about your own workplace, or if you would like to find out more, visit

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