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Our Commitment to Going Green!

Monday, 21 December 2020  |  Pinknoise

Our Commitment to Going Green!

At Pinknoise, we care about the environment. This is why we have adopted a new waste management contract that is part of a zero-to-landfill scheme. It ensures all general and non-recyclable waste is diverted from landfill. Our waste management contractor does this through the Energy from Waste (EfW) and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) schemes. The processes are extremely efficient, robust, and safe, with emissions treated to meet the strict European Industrial Emissions Directive.

As well as this, we have adopted a reduce, reuse, and recycle policy to ensure we have minimal impact on the environment as possible. Any recycling that leaves Pinknoise, is handled by our waste management contractor, who also adopt the same reduce, reuse, and recycle policy.

We also discourage the printing of emails and general documents to run a paperless operation. Our new stock management system allows us to pick and pack orders via a digital scanner, rather than printing picklists and other such documents. Any confidential paperwork is collected by a secure waste management contractor, destroyed, and then recycled to comply with the 2018 Data Protection Act.

Our new easy returns policy for UK customers allows for paperless returns by scanning a digital QR code.

Although we continue to include shipping documents with our deliveries, we are constantly looking to improve our already green operation.

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