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Relacart PM-320R Stereo In-Ear Receiver Highlights

Tuesday, 25 January 2022  |  Pinknoise


The new Relacart PM-320R is an excellent new option for those looking to run some cheaper IEM receivers with their existing Sennheiser transmitters. Up until now a popular option to achieve this has been the LD Systems receivers, however these do have their limitations, especially regarding frequency compatibility in the GB band. Currently the LD Systems only have 2MHz of crossover with the GB band (606-608Mhz), causing a lot of people to choose the band E option. This obviously isn’t ideal if you are already running transmitters in GB band. A few customers have also been slightly put off by the plastic construction of the LD Systems.


Enter the new Relacart PM-320R! First and foremost, we’ve partnered with Relacart to have these IEM units custom-tuned to the exact same frequency bands as the Sennheiser transmitters, currently stocking band GB (606-648Mhz), B (626-668MHz) and E (823-865MHz). This is excellent news for everyone as you don’t need to compromise with 2MHz crossover or having to buy a separate transmitter on a completely different frequency band. Along with the better tunability of these receivers, they also feature true diversity over one channel in mono, plus the ability to run as a stereo IEM receiver. It’s worth noting that when running the receiver in the stereo mode, it would no longer be true diversity.


The build quality of the units should instil a bit more confidence as they are mostly made up of a single piece aluminium shell, with solid buttons/knobs and whips that feel like they should last. It will take some investigation, but it will likely be possible that we could modify the units to have SMA whip antennas. We would need to source parts etc to make this possible. The only area of their build quality that may cause some concern is the battery door, which is made of plastic, however we haven’t had any breakages yet.

Run time

Run time and range of these units appears to be excellent in our initial testing. Our very own John McCombie has had a go with these and managed to get roughly 100m (not line of sight) away from a Sennheiser SK100 transmitter, running the Relacart in Mono mode. We’ve also left the unit on over night and came back to it still turned on in the morning. This was running off consumer disposable batteries. I would estimate that with actual real-world usage it would be safe to assume that you would get less battery life.


To sum up then, these units are an excellent cost-effective option for anyone looking to pick up some more great-value IEM receivers. Even if you were planning on picking up some of the full blown Sennheiser IEM receivers, I would consider checking these out before pulling the trigger. Just please remember to turn the pilot tone off on your Sennheiser SK transmitters and set the Relacart to mono mode. That should get these units talking to each other.

Key Plus Points

Some Negatives

  • Cheap, but solid build quality
  • Frequency bands that pair perfectly with Sennheiser transmitters
  • Dual antenna that offers true diversity in mono mode
  • Decent battery and range performance (in our quick test)
  • Plastic battery door may become an issue
  • The antennas are currently fixed, same as the Sennheiser IEM units

These Relacart PM-320R are available exclusively from Pinknoise Systems, in stock and ready to ship for £190ex VAT each.

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