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Sound Devices Firmware v7.41 for the 8-Series

Wednesday, 10 February 2021  |  Pinknoise

Sound Devices Firmware v7.41 for the 8-Series

Sound Devices Firmware v7.41 for the 8-Series


  • Sound reports can now be created for AAC files. 


  • The current record folder is now automatically selected upon entering the Record Folder menu.
  • Navigation enhancements introduced in v7.40 to record folders now apply to the File List. 


  • Various issues when switching between Sound Devices NoiseAssist and CEDAR sdnx noise suppression demo modes have been addressed.

Just incase you missed it, here's the notes for the Sound Devices Firmware v7.40 for the 8-Series

Sound Devices is pleased to announce firmware version 7.40 for the 8-Series mixer-recorders. Firmware v7.40 supports the just-released CEDAR sdnx noise suppression plugin for 8-Series.

New Features:

  • Support for CEDAR sdnx noise suppression plugin available in two-instance, four-instance, and eight-instance versions. sdnx operates at sample rates up to 96 kHz. Includes 2-instance demo mode. Visit the Sound Devices Online Store for more details and to purchase your plugin.
  • Improvements to record folders including more intuitive navigation/folder creation, direct access via the Take List, plus new Options menu with Delete Folder and Create Sound Reports options.
  • New Take List option to rename takes and keep embedded WAV metadata (project, scene, take) in sync.


  • Various issues where Create Sound Report incorrectly reports "No Takes Found' and a sound report is not created no longer occur.
  • System no longer goes unresponsive when navigating to a non-native file (not generated by the 8-Series) in the File List. Non-native files are not supported on the 8-Series.
  • The year digits (YY) no longer appear twice in the Sound Report file name.
  • ISO post-fade routings are no longer incorrectly prevented in the Noise Suppression menu.
  • Frequencies that fall outside of the Band Block of a Sony DWR-S03D can no longer be accessed.
  • Q-marks can no longer be added during playback of RF64 files as RF64 does not support Q-marks.
  • LCD trim clip indicator is now calibrated to display at the onset of clipping rather than after.
  • Intermittent post-fade limiter indication when channels limiters are off no longer occurs.
  • Loading a user setup file with a daily folder no longer creates a folder of a previous date.
  • Empty daily folders are no longer created when selecting “create a new daily folder” at the start of a new day.
  • Various other improvements to daily folders.

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