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Ambient ''Sound Fish'' Hydrophone ASF-1 MKII
Ambient "Sound Fish" Hydrophone ASF-1 MKII
  • Records Infrasonic to Ultrasonic Sound
  • Waterproof Up to 100 Meters
  • Works with +48V Phantom Power
  • Omni Directional Polar Pattern
  Incoming, expected 28/01/2022
£1,225.00  £1,520.00
Ambient ASF-2-MKII Compact Ambient Hydrophone
Ambient ASF-2-MKII Compact Ambient Hydrophone
  • The ASF-2 is affordable, easy to use – and simply a great sounding hydrophone
  • Designed a microphone able to capture a perfect spectrum of sounds
  • While effectively avoiding low frequency noise created by cable handling
  • Never before has professional underwater audio capture been so affordable
Only 4 in stock  Only 4 in stock
£379.00  £475.00
Aquarian Audio CMadp Contact Mic Adapter
Aquarian Audio CMadp Contact Mic Adapter
  • Molded rubber cup fits over the end of your H1a, H2a, or H2a-XLR hydrophone
  • Made from the same acoustically-transparent rubber used on the hydrophones
  • Simply place the hydrophone inside a bed with water for maximum efficiency
  • Set the flat surface of the cup on the media to which you want to listen
Only 17 in stock  Only 17 in stock
£21.00  £24.00
Aquarian Audio H2a Hydrophone
Aquarian Audio H2a Hydrophone
  • Low cost. Low self noise. Good sensitivity
  • Robust design handles accidental drops and temperature extremes
  • Compact (4.5mm OD) Low-noise cable with tough urethane jacket
  • Connects directly with thousands of consumer audio, wireless and computer products
Only 5 in stock  Only 5 in stock
£179.00  £180.00
Aquarian Audio H3 Hydrophone
Aquarian Audio H3 Hydrophone
  • Offers exceptional sensitivity in a very small size
  • Robust, low-mass design provides high mechanical shock resistance
  • Balanced element design minimizes acceleration noise
  • Available in four different output configurations
Sold out - More soon  Sold out - More soon

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