Line Audio CM4s w/ Rode WS8 Windshields & Gravity MS STB Stereo Bar Bundle


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Line Audio CM4s w/ Rode WS8 Windshields & Gravity MS STB Stereo Bar Bundle

Bundle Includes:

This little microphone has a natural, detailed and balanced response. Perfect for natural reproduction of acoustical instruments such as members of the bowed and plucked string-families, grand piano, brass, percussion, overhead choir and voice -with a minimum of colouration. The linear off axis performance is beneficial with large sound sources and for stereo recording, preserving sound character at an angle.

The CM4 is tough enough to handle drums with full depth and punch, drum overhead clearly and crisp without strain. It also handles amplified instruments well. -A true all-round microphone!

It's suitable for professional studio and PA use, with a price tag at the hobbyist level!

It's very small size (about the same as a normal XLR plug) makes it easy to place, without being in the way. Its size and black colour makes it close to invisible on stage. Delivered with foam windshield and microphone holder (clip).

During manufacturing each capsule is measured, selected, and modified by us to close tolerances. Out of range capsules are rejected. This in combination with the internal circuitry, results in a response with a unique flatness. These are quality microphones made for demanding situations.

Sizes & Specs

Weight: 18 grams
Height: 100 mm
Width: 100 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Warranty: 1 year

Rode WS8 Deluxe Windshield

The RØDE WS8 Deluxe Windshield is an easy to use high-performance windshield for RØDE's most popular small diaphragm condenser microphones, the NT5NT55 and NT6.

Designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions, the WS8 combines an open-cell foam surround with an outer layer of acoustically transparent artificial fur. A rubber base prevents any wind noise from entering the rear of the microphone pickup area.

The WS8 supports microphones of 20mm diameter and 27mm capsule depth.

Gravity MS STB 01 Stereo Bar For 2 Microphones

The Gravity Stereo Bar 01 allows you to mount two microphones on a single microphone stand with 3/8" thread. Made of solid aluminium, it is the perfect choice for basic stereo micing and features two 3/8" sliding microphone mounts which permit 60 - 170 mm spacing centre to centre.


  • Straightforward design for basic stereo micing
  • Suitable for all microphone stands and mic clips with 3/8" thread
  • Microphone spacing variable from 60 - 170 mm
  • Made of solid aluminium


Line Audio CM4 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

TypeCondenser microphone (permanently biased capsule)
Polar patternCardioid (slightly wide cardioid)
Frequency response20-20000Hz (100-16000Hz+-1dB on axis, at 1m, 23C, measured with MLS noise, 1/12 octave narrow smoothing)
Phantom power12 - 48V (P48 recommended for best performance)
Current consumption<4 mA
Impedance<100 Ohm
Sensitivity 8mV/PA -42dB
S/N ratio (DIN A-weighted/CCIR)78dB/68dB
Noise level16dB(A)
Max SPL135dB @0.5% THD (130dB@24V, 120dB @ 12V)
Size77mm x 20mm

Gravity MS STB 01 Stereo Bar for 2 Microphones

Product typeStands and Tripod Accessories
Horizontal adjustment range60 - 170 mm
Threaded connector3/8" "
Material thickness4 mm
Length190 mm
Weight0,053 kg

Line Audio CM4s w/ Rode WS8 Windshields & Gravity MS STB Stereo Bar Bundle


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