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Delkin Devices Select SDHC 163X V10 SD Card (32GB)
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Pinknoise Short 40cm XLR Head Lead
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Delkin Devices SDHC Memory Card Pro Class 10 (16GB)
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MIX PRE 3-II w/ KSTGMIX, 7506, SD Card

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Orca OR-40 Lightweight Sound Harness
  • 1 x Orca OSP-1040-10 Aluminium Support Bar
  • 1 x Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones
  • 1 x Delkin Devices Advance SDHC 633X UHS-I Memory Card (16GB)

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Sound Devices MixPre-3 II Audio Recorder / Mixer / USB Audio Interface

3 XLR input 5-track audio recorder (3+2ch Mix) with USB Audio Interface. The MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II have significantly improved hardware, with 32-bit float recording, patented ultra-wide-dynamic-range A-to-D conversion, internal timecode generation, and recording up to 192 kHz sampling rates in all models. Recorded tracks can be set to auto-copy to a USB drive for easy file transfer, and limiter parameters can now be adjusted.


  • Three ultra-low-noise Kashmir microphone preamps with adjustable limiters capture high quality audio in the field, on set, or with a computer.
  • Create a mix using the built-in 3 x 2 portable mixer.
  • Record up to 5 tracks to an SD card and backup to a USB thumb drive.
  • 5-in, 2-out USB audio interface streams to your computer via USB-C.
  • Choose bit depths from 16 to 32-bit float, and sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • Internal LTC timecode generator. Timecode In/Out via Aux In/Stereo Out.
  • Timecode and record triggering via HDMI.
  • USB-A for control surfaces, keyboards, and auto-copy to USB drive.
  • In-unit ISO mixing, gain, pan, low-cut, phase inversion, and phantom power.
  • Sunlight-readable color touch screen and LED metering.
  • Lightweight, durable, and small: perfect for bag use, mobile recording, or a home studio.
  • Powerful 300 mW+300 mW headphone amp allows clear and accurate reference of audio.
  • Includes a MX-4AA Battery Sled (batteries not included), MX-PSU AC Power Supply, and USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • Customize with plugins from the Plugin Store.

What’s New in the MixPre-3 II?

  • Bit depth up to 32-bit float for increased dynamic range.
  • Record up to 192 kHz.
  • Faster, more advanced hardware.
  • Internal LTC Timecode Generation and Output.
  • Adjustable Limiters.
  • Auto-copy to USB Drive.
  • Pre-roll buffer increased to 10 seconds.

Versatile. Durable. High-Performance.

If you record field audio, sound effects, podcasts, voice-overs, music, audio for film, or are just starting your audio journey, the MixPre-3 II is for you! With three crystal-clear, ultra low-noise Kashmir preamps, you can record multiple actors, multiple podcasters, or audio for small productions with superior quality - all the way up to a 32-bit float bit depth and a 192 kHz sample rate. This newest generation of Sound Devices’ award-winning MixPre Series has been redesigned for increased performance and an astounding 142 dB of dynamic range.

Your MixPre-3 II is highly customizable to your needs. Record internally to a compatible SD card on set or stream your podcast over USB to your computer at home. Power with your computer, wall power, or record in the middle of nowhere with AA or Sony L-mount batteries. Adjust limiters, bit depth, sample rates, gain, pan, low-cut, phase inversion and phantom power to your liking. Trigger your camera with the internal timecode generator, or feed timecode in via HDMI or Aux In. The choice is yours!

Professionals love the flexibility of the MixPre Series. Don’t need all those options? Basic mode has you covered.

Your MixPre-3 II is rugged, lightweight, and small, so you can throw it in a bag or mount it to a tripod or camera - or get situated on set with our Wingman App and one of our four supported USB control surfaces. With the superior sound and build quality that you can expect from the industry leader in production audio recording, your MixPre-3 II can capture audio for any application. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team, based in the USA and Germany, is here for all your questions and comments. Our job is to make your job easier.

USB Interface

MixPre-3 II
USB | Audio Interface (USB-C): 6-in/2-out (from computer); 44.1 kHz/48 kHz/96 kHz; 16/24/32-bit integer, 32-bit float; Class-compliant USB 2.0 high speed driver

Sound Devices MixPre II mixer-recorders offer customers superb, low-noise, high-dynamic-range microphone preamplifiers along with the ability to record high dynamic range 32-bit float WAV files. New in firmware version 6.00, MixPre II models can send the complete 32-bit float signal from microphone inputs over USB when used as a USB audio interface for computers running MacOS Catalina (10.15 and later) to software applications that recognize 32-bit float.

Customize With Plugins

Are you a songwriter or musician? Buy the Musician Plugin to easily create a song using your MixPre-3 II as a standalone recorder or USB interface. Use onboard features like overdub, bounce, reverb, and tracking to a metronome. Create Music Projects to lay down backing tracks and use them live or at home for writing or practicing. Capturing your song ideas has never been easier! While in Music Mode, the MixPre-3 II is limited to three simultaneous live inputs.

You can also install the Musician Plugin which brings the essence of computer-based music production software to the super-compact MixPre-3, MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6MixPre-6 II, MixPre-10T and MixPre-10 II.

MixPre Gen 1 & 2 Comparison Chart

FeatureMixPre IIOriginal MixPre
32-bit float recording✓ - All models
192 kHz recording✓ - All modelsMixPre-6 & 10T only
Timecode Generator/Reader✓ - All modelsMixPre-10T only
USB file copy✓ - All modelsMixPre-10T only
+18 dBu outputMixPre-10 II
Adjustable Limiter options✓ - All models
Sample Rate recordingAll MixPre II models
(44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz)
MixPre-3 (44.1, 48, 96 kHz )
MixPre-6 (44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz)
MixPre-10T (44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz)
Pre-roll duration at 48 kHzAll models: 10 secondsMixPre-10T: 10 seconds
MixPre-3 & 6: 5 seconds

K-Tek KSTGMIX Stingray MixPre Sound Bag for MixPre3/6

The KSTGMIX Stingray MixPro portable workstation is designed for the Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 and also fits the Zoom F4 and F8 mixer recorders. More than an ordinary bag, the Stingray MixPro can help turn a small recorder into a portable workstation.


  • Designed for the Sound Devices MixPre-3 & MixPre-6. Also fits Zoom F4 & F8
  • Internal vertical frame for easy side access, structure and stability
  • Removable Front Pouch included for additional storage (e.g. battery system)
  • Media Compartment accessible via large flap. Kickstand for table operation

Because these mixers are jam-packed with features and used in a multitude of applications and situations, the K-Tek design team emphasized easy access all around, coupled with operating versatility.

Sized for the MixPre3 and MixPre6, the Stingray MixPro features multiple assets to accommodate all common working styles and methods, including front and back openings for mounting and a versatile front flap to attach wireless receivers. The removable Front Pouch storage compartment is perfect to keep external power options and large enough to hold common location mixing batteries (like an NP-1 style battery with cup or portable USB-C battery tanks). Oversized MOLLE-style straps accommodate additional accessories ranging from wireless receivers to other Stingray bags and pouches and are positioned on the front of the bag along with the Front Pouch.

For convenient table-top operation, a built-in adjustable kickstand enables convenient control interface access and comfortable viewing whether the user is sitting or standing.

The multi-layer walls feature the same strong protective exterior and soft orange high-contrast interior that K-Tek’s Stingray bags have become famous for. Dual curved zippers encircle each side panel to fully access inputs, outputs and controls. A clear vinyl shield to cover the exposed top opening can be folded back or easily removed. The internal vertical frames give the MixPro the same rigidity and strength that has made the larger Stingray bags the preferred portable workstations of choice.

The combined front and bottom flap allows front mounting, opens wide to access the internal battery packs and media compartment on the bottom of MixPre units, and can even reattach to the back of the MixPro. With MOLLE-style straps outside and inside, attaching accessories is a breeze in any configuration.


External Dimensions:

  • Bag: 10.5 x 3.5 x 6.75 inch (26.7 x 8.9 x 17.1 cm)
  • Pouch: 10.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 inch (26.7 x 6.4 x 11.4 cm)

Internal Dimensions:

  • Bag: 7.5 x 2.0 x 5.0 inch (19.1 x 5.1 x 12.7 cm)
  • Pouch: 10.5 x 2.0 x 4.25 inch (26.7 x 5.1 x 10.8 cm)

Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

This extremely high quality, unobtrusive, lightweight reference headphone has been engineered to be comfortable to wear for extended periods, making it ideal for use in broadcast and studio environments. A 40mm PET diaphragm and neodymium magnet provide performance exceeding the requirements of digital audio sources.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Stereo Headphones are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, video, electronic news gathering - and virtually any application where high quality sound is required. The closed-ear design MDR-7506 is outrageously popular in pro and home recording studios. It features a rugged design, convenient folding construction, 40mm driver units, gold connectors and a professional-quality OFC (oxygen free copper) cord. Sony 7500 Series headphones offer a practical range of choices for everyone from the casual user to the studio pro. These include the MDR-7506 which is lauded by many professional studios and broadcasters.

Professional Sound

A neodymium magnet provides excellent power-handling, and 40-millimeter drivers deliver high-quality sound, with a wide frequency response of 10 Hz - 20 kHz.

Enjoy crystal-clear highs, present mids, and an extended low-end, for accurate monitoring.

Comfort and Isolation

The MDR-7506s feature a closed-ear design, which provides both comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises. Comfort is only enhanced by the generous headband padding.

A 9.8-foot coiled cord provides more than enough slack for working in a studio without removing the phones, whether you're the performer, the engineer, or both.


The included Stereo UniMatch plug allows use in both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch applications, and a soft case for protective storage is included with the headphones--fold them up and stow them a way safely.

Delkin Devices Advance SDHC 633X UHS-I Memory Card (16GB)

Shoot with a card that can finally keep up with your HD and 3D enabled video camera or DSLR. The Delkin Elite 633 SDHC memory card boasts an incredible 80MBps write speed and 95MBps read speed, making it the fastest SDHC card on the market. The new UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus-interface is fully compatible with SDHC and SDXC host devices and guarantees greater performance in applications where recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos is imperative.


Sound Devices MixPre-3 II Audio Recorder

Audio Inputs

Frequency Response10 Hz to 80 kHz +/- 0.5 dB re 1 kHz @ 192 kHz sample rate
THD + Noise0.005% max (@1 kHz, 22-22 kHz BW, gain= 20 dB, -10 dBu in)
ADC32 bit precision; 142 dB dynamic range min (A-weighted, gain = 10 dB, fader = 0 dB)
Equivalent Input Noise -130 dBV (-128 dBu) max (A-weighting, gain = 76 dB, 150 ohm source impedance)
Micinputs XLR active-balanced; 4k input 
Lineinputs XLR active-balanced; 4k input 
Aux/Mic in3.5 mm TRS, 2-channel unbalanced; 100k input 
USB Audio2 channels
All inputs fully RF-filtered and overload protected.
Mic input gain+6 dB to +76 dB
Line input gain-20 dB to +30 dB
Fader-inf to +20 dB
Headphone gain-inf to +20 dB
Total gain, Mic-to-recording (max)+96 dB
Aux In (Mic)Gain = +10 dB to +40 dB
Aux In (Line)Gain = -10 dB to +20 dB
Total Aux Gain including Fader (Mic-to-recording)+60 dB
Maximum Input Level Mic XLR+14 dBu (limiters on or off)
Maximum Input Level Line XLR/¼-inch+28 dBu (limiters on or off)
Maximum Input Level Aux In (Mic)-10 dBu
Maximum Input Level Aux In (Line)+10 dBu
Low Cut Filters40 Hz to 160 Hz (adjustable), 18 dB/oct. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital.
Microphone Powering Mic XLRs48 V via 6.8k resistors, 10 mA each
Microphone Powering Mic 3.5 mm3 V @ 3k source 
Limiter at all gain stages, range > 40dB. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital. Adjustable Threshold, Ratio, and Release. 

Audio Outputs

DAC feedingStereo Out, Headphone Out 32 bit precision; 115 dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
L/R Out3.5 mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 500 ohm output impedance, +7.8 dBu max output level
Headphones Out3.5 mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 300 mW + 300 mW, for use with any impedance headphones


USB Audio Interface (USB-C)5-in/2-out (from computer); 44.1 kHz/48 kHz/96 kHz; 16/24-bit; Class-compliant USB 2.0 high speed driver
USB Mass Storage (USB-C)USB 2.0 high speed
USB Keyboard (USB-A)Text entry and control
USB Thumbdrive (USB-A)Manual or auto-copy to drive
USB Midi Control Surface(USB-A)


Maximum Record Tracks5 Stereo mix + 3 ISOs
Sampling Frequency44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz
Bit Depth16, 24, 32 Float
Recording Storage TypeSD, SDXC, SDHC Card, & USB thumbdrive (copy only)
Recording Storage Max Storage Size512 GB (SDXC)
Recording Storage Card formatexFAT
Recording File TypePolyphonic WAV


Timecode ModesFree Run, Time of Day (file stamped w/current ToD, Rec Run, Ext LTC (file stamped w/incoming LTC on 3.5mm Aux In), Camera TC (file stamped w/incoming TC from cameras that output TC)
Timecode Frame RatesAuto-detects (fps): 23.98 (same as 23.976), 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97ND, 30, 30DF
3.5 mm Aux In Timecode Input20k ohm impedance, 0.3 V - 3.0 V p-p (–17 dBu - +3 dBu)
3.5 mm Stereo Out | Timecode Output1k ohm impedance, 3.0V p-p (+12 dBu)
HDMI TC Reader via HDMI

Remote Control

Bluetooth LEWireless control using Wingman app
HDMI (micro)Auto-record start/stop trigger from cameras that output record flag over HDMI
TimecodeAuto-record start/stop trigger via Aux In timecode
Touch Screen320x256; 1.6-inch, color, sunlight-viewable IPS LCD


AA Batteries4x AA sled (included); 8x AA sled (optional accessory). NiMH recommended
L-MountOptional sled for 2x (hot-swappable) Li-ion batteries
From computerBus-powered via USB-C port
AC AdapterMX-PSU (included) Power supply wall adapter w/ USB-C connector; 15 W; has 4 adapter plugs for US, UK, AU & Europe


Operating-20°C to 60°C, 0 to 90% relative humidity; (non-condensing)
Storage-40°C to 85°C
Dimensions36 mm x 144 mm x 110 mm (H x W x D); 1.40” x 5.68” x 4.35”
Weight.48 kg; 16.8 oz. (unpackaged, without batteries)

Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

Headphone TypeDynamic, closed
Magnet TypeNeodymium
Driver Size40.0 mm
Frequency Response10-20kHz
Impedance63 Ohms
Sensitivity106 dB/W/m
Power Handling1,000mW
Plug TypeGold, Stereo Unimatch plug 1/4" and 1/8"
Cord Length9.8 ft
Weight8.1 oz

Delkin Devices Advance SDHC 633X UHS-I Memory Card (16GB)

IncludesDelkin Elite 633 UHS-I Memory Card, Protective Case
CompatibilitySDHC host devices (all classes) & SDXC host devices (all classes)
Speed633X (95MB/s read & 80MB/s write)
Operating Temp-25C low and 85C high (-40C/85C storage)
CertifiedSDA (Secure Digital Association)