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Manufacturer:  Nagra

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Nagra Spares & Parts

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Nagra Ares ML Call for Prices
2070110000 Nagra Ares-M Power supply  
2070154000 Nagra Ares ML Body Case  
2070145000 Nagra Ares ML Volume Switch SMD  
7070127000 Nagra Ares Mono Line input cable (SD/Ares) - 1 in stock  
2070175000 Nagra Battery Door Cover for Ares ML  
2070129000 Nagra Loudspeaker bezel for Ares ML & SD  
2070130000 Nagra Loudspeaker for Ares ML & SD  
2070172000 Nagra ML Circuit Board for Keyboard  
2070134000 Nagra Mic holder for Ares ML  
2070122000 Nagra Mono mic input cable CM-MICM - 4 In Stock  
7070128000 Nagra Stereo Line input cable (SD/Ares) 1 in stock  
7070123000 Nagra Stereo Mic input cable CM-MICS (SD/Ares) - 1 in stock  
2070168000 Nagra keypad for Ares ML  
2070151000 Nagra record button for Ares ML  
2070140000 3.5mm jack for socket Mic or line input for Ares-M / SD  
2070175000 Battery box door for Ares-M                    
2070132000 Plug-on double jack connector  
7070121000 Nagra Mono Plug-on Mic with foam windshield (SD/Ares - Blue) -  2 in stock  
Nagra Ares BB Call for prices
119020133 Nagra Ares BB Centre navigation keypad  
5478371380 Nagra Ares BB Flex Ribbon Cable for Keyboard   
119615004 Nagra Ares BB Keyboard Black Plastic supports  
2099145000 Nagra Ares BB Shoulder Strap  
7019642000 Nagra Ares BB+ Battery Lithium Ion NB-LIB  
7019640000 Nagra Ares- Battery Box NB-BB   
Nagra IS Call for prices
7107112000 Nagra IS Lid Plexi with Gasket models IS, ISS and ISN   
Nagra LB Call for prices
2019004045 Nagra Multi directional switch on front panel of LB2  
2019004047 Nagra Navigator Knob cover on front panel of LB2  
2019004046 Nagra Navigator Ring on front panel of LB2  
2019004020 Nagra LB Battery Box - 1 in stock  
7019166000 Nagra LB Lithium Battery (for Nagra VII too)   

Nagra Ares PII

Call for prices
5475400340 Nagra Headphone jack socket for Ares PII & RCX220  
Nagra Mezzo             Call for prices
2070007020 Nagra Mezzo working case - 1 in stock  
Nagra SD Call for prices
7070125000 Nagra High Quality Stereo plug on mic (Green band) with foam windshield                                 
7070122000 Nagra Mono Cardioid plug on mic (white band) with Foam windshield   
2070120000 Nagra Stereo Plug on microphone (Yellow band) - 3 in stock              
7070127000 Nagra Ares/SD Mono Line input cable - 1 In Stock  
2070130000 Nagra Loudspeaker for Ares ML & SD  
2070122000 Nagra Mono mic input cable CM-MICM (SD/Ares) -  4 in stock  
2070005038 Nagra SD Battery Box Rubber Seal  
2070005042 Nagra SD Cap for slide switch  
2070005035 Nagra SD Centre Frame  
2070005043 Nagra SD Conical Rubber  
2070005041 Nagra SD Cover for SD card Slot  
2070005034 Nagra SD Frame   
2070005032 Nagra SD Front Panel  
2070005040 Nagra SD Loudspeaker Cover  
2070005039 Nagra SD Loudspeaker Grid  
2070005033 Nagra SD Rear panel  
2070005044 Nagra SD Screen Frame escutcheon  
2070005046 Nagra SD Sensitivity Knob "-" (minus)  
2070005045 Nagra SD Sensitivity knob "+"  
2070005021 Nagra SD Solid state field recorder Battery Box Cover  
2070005036 Nagra Sd Battery Box  
7070128000 Nagra Stereo Line input cable - Dark Yellow Band (SD/Ares) - 1 in stock  
7070123000 Nagra Stereo Mic input cable CM-MICS  
2070133000 Nagra pair of mic capsules for Ares ML  
2070124000 Nagra SD Windshield for plug-on microphone -  2 in stock                                                                                       
7070123000 Nagra Stereo Mic input cable CM-MICS Violet Band (SD/Ares) - 1 in stock  
7070121000 Nagra Mono Plug-on Mic with foam windshield (SD/Ares - Blue) -  2 in stock  
2070124000 - Foam Windjammer for Plug on Microphone - 1 in stock  
Nagra T Call for prices
109365006 Nagra T audio board Extractor Lever  
Nagra IV Call for prices
2504115002 Nagra IV Tape Deck Gasket (suitable for IV series)  
Nagra V Call for prices
7031140000 Nagra V Digital Input Cable                                 

Nagra VI

Call for prices
7032110000 4.6Ah Lithium-ion rechargable battery pk  
7032115000 13.8Ah Lithium-ion high capacity rechargable bat  
2032250000 NVI-PSU Mains power supply for NAGRA VI  
Additional accessories  

2099188000 Canvas carrying case for NAGRA VI - adjustable shoulder strap & front pouch.

7032120000 Replacement padded shoulder strap for NAGRA VI  
0132050028 Replacement "leg" to incline NAGRA VI  
7032135000 SATA drive option (Without disk)  

2097245000 128GB Solid State Drive (IDE / PATA)
                     128GB Solid State Drive (SATA)


2032265000 Hirose power cable Male-Male 50cm for EMP/ NVI - 2 in stock  
2032266000 Hirose power cable Male-Male 1m for EMP / NVI  
Nagra VII Call for prices
2099524000 Metal Carry Case for Nagra VII  
2019004020 Battery compartiment. Including charger circuit - 1 in stock  
2019180020 Mains power supply, 15V 2A with standard DC connector - 1 in stock  

8019190000 Lithium-Polymer 4'000 mAH rechargeable battery pack with 4 pin HIROSE connector,
supplied with 
power supply.

8019190020 Mains power supply, 15V 2A Fitted with 4-pin Hirose connector  
2099189000 Black carrying/working case with adjustable shoulder strap, front, side pockets  
711918xxxx WiFi /43G option including new right side panel for machine upgrade and a set of
2 communication antennae.
7119187000 WiFi / 3G option including new right side panel for machine upgrade and a set of
2 communication antennae.

7119185000 SMPTE/EBU internal Timecode option for machine upgrade (Non-ISDN machines only) 
including new right side panel and QCTCU open-ended TC IN/OUT cable.

7119186000 I.S.D.N. option including audio compressions for machine upgrade (Non-TC machines only)
and a new side panel (With Wifi or not specify when ordering).
7019166000 Battery Pack - Lithium for Nagra VII - 1 in stock  
8019190000 Nagra VII Battery Pack Lithium Polymer High Capacity + PWR supply (also for LB)  
7119185000 Nagra VII Timecode Option Module - 1 in stock  
Software options or Nagra VII Call for prices
7019180010 MPEG 1 layer II recording option  
7019180020 On-board audio editor option  
7019180030 Voice Over IP (VOIP) option inc TX/RX compression  
Other Call for prices
2070115000 Micro USB cable for connection to a computer for file download.  
2070119000 Micro A/B USB adaptor, for the connection of external accessories Keyboard, etc.)  
2095975000 RJ 45 ISDN cable for connection to either an ISDN network termination or to the Ethernet.  
2019180008 Kit of replacement antennae for WiFi / 3G option.   
0119180035 Foam incline support. Can elevate the front of the ​unit by 15° or 25° for table-top operation.  
7119181009 Kit for Shoulder strap with fixing supports, including screws.  
7119180034 Set of 2 round buttons for level potentiometers.   


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