Sanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle

Sanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle
Sanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection BundleSanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection BundleSanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle
Sanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection BundleSanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection BundleSanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle

Sanken COS-11D w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle

This bundles covers you for all your wind protection needs when upgrading your microphone. You can choose your microphone connector and colour to match your wind protection.

Bundle Includes:

Sanken COS-11D PT Lavalier Microphone (with Options)

Superb Sound in a New Generation Ultra-miniature Lavalier Mic designed for use with new generation of Digital Wireless 


  • Overcomes digital transmitter RFI
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable Design
  • Great Clear and Rich Sound
  • 4 Color Choices
  • Improved Moisture Resistance
  • Original Vertical Diaphragm Design
  • Optimized for the Human Voice

Sanken has introduced the COS-11D, which overcomes RFI (radio frequency interference) from the digital transmitter. In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by new forms of digital transmitter signals. They present new challenges in the area of emission protection. In many cases, noise levels increase and the S/N ratio is deteriorated by the interference of digital transmitters. Sanken has designed the COS-11D specifically to diminish the instances where interference is an issue.

Colours Available

  • Black
  • White
  • Beige

Included Accessories

URSA Mini Mount COS Low Profile Lavalier Mounting Solution for COS11

The URSA MiniMounts are a new slim low-profile mount designed to be rigged where larger mounts simply won’t go. They are made from a hardened plastic which does not deform or snap under pressure. Each mount is hand finished to get the smoothest surface which allows fabric to glide quietly across.


  • Small, thin and low profile as possible
  • Makes it easy to rig lav mics up in awkward places
  • Designed with an extremely smooth finish to minimize clothing noise
  • Comes in 4 different colours: Black, White, Beige and Brown
  • Also available for the DPA 4060 and DPA 4071
  • Each MiniMount is individually packaged and includes 5 x MiniMount Stickies
  • MiniMount Stickies are also available separately as a pack of 30

With concealment in mind, the design of the MiniMount makes for excellent flexibility. Due to the thin profile of the mount, it can be placed in a number of convenient, and previously hard-to-reach places. For example, behind the button on a shirt or on the back of a zip of a hoodie. The MiniMount is also suitable for adding lavalier wind protection solutions with Rycote's Sticky O's.

URSA Sticky Circles for Lavalier Microphones (Pack of 90)

In this pack you get 90 pre-cut 24mm diameter Sticky Circles. URSA Sticky Circles are 24mm in diameter, see-through and very low profile at just 0.4mm.

The sticky tape is certified hypoallergenic so it can be used directly on skin. You can also use it on fabrics as it leaves no residue and peels off without tearing.

Each URSA Sticky Circle has been pre-cut and has a small peel-off tab for easy & fast use. They are compatible with a variety of mic mounts including RM11s, DPA Concealers and can also be used with URSA MiniMounts.

You get 30 of these stickies with every pack of URSA Plush, Fur or Soft Circles.

URSA Plush Circles Low Profile Short Furs for Light Wind Protection

Plush Circles offer a very soft, reusable, low profile solution for covering lav mics. They can help reduce wind noise and act as a soft, quiet buffer between noisy fabrics and your microphone.

Plush Circles measure 25mm across and are made from an incredibly soft 4mm length synthetic fur.

Available as single packs in four colours: Black, White, Beige & Brown.

What's Included

  • Single Colour Packs come with 9 Plush Circles in the colour of your choice & 30 URSA Sticky Circles.
  • Multipacks come with 9 Plush Circles (3x Black, 3x White, 3x Beige) & 30 URSA Sticky Circles.

URSA Fur Circles Mini Windshields for Lavalier Microphone (Pack of 9)

URSA Fur Circles are 25mm diameter and made from 13mm length super soft synthetic fur.

URSA Fur Circles have a really soft quiet 13mm long fur which helps reduce wind noise and also acts as a really quiet buffer between fabrics. They are cut using a drilling technique which keeps the length of fur equal all the way around the circle. This way you don't end up with one side having shorter hair than the other.

Available Options:

  • Multipack - Includes 9 Fur Circles: 3 x Black, 3 x White, 3 x Brown & 30 Sticky Circles.
  • Single Colour Packs - Available in 3 colours: Black, Brown & White. Includes 9 Fur Circles & 30 Sticky Circles.

URSA Soft Circles Lavalier Microphone Covers w/ Stickies (Multi-Pack)

URSA Soft Circles are reusable, super-soft, skin-tone matching radio mic covers. Available in Brown, Beige, Black & White.
Soft Circles are designed to handle light wind and reduce clothing rustle.

Soft Circles can be stretched around microphone mounts to help camouflage your microphone.


  • 25mm super-soft, stretchy, reusable discs are a perfect addition to the audio tool kit.
  • With colours matching a variety of skin tones, they can be used under semi-transparent garments.
  • Compatible with other sticky discs (such as Rycote Stickies).
  • Multi-Packs come with 15 Soft Circles (5x White, 5x Beige, 5x Black) and 30x Sticky Circles.

Sanken COS-11D Specifications

Directivity Omni directional
Transducer Self-polarized condenser
Frequency range 50Hz - 20kHz
(nominal at 1kHz)
8.9mV/Pa (-41dB,0dB=1V/Pa)
Equivalent noise level
Max SPL (1% THD) 127dB SPL.
Output impedance
at 1KHz
700 ohms
Powering +3V to +10V
Current consumption less than 0.5mA
Weight 19g
Dimensions 16.1mm X 4.0mm (diameter), 1.8m(cable length)

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Sanken COS-11 w/ URSA Mini Mount and Wind Protection Bundle

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