Schoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) Bundle

Schoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) Bundle
Schoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) BundleSchoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) BundleSchoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) Bundle

Schoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) Bundle

This bundle provides no only a great microphone but also a great wind solution. So you're prepared for indoor and outdoor recording.

Bundle Includes:

  • Scheops Miniature Shotgun Microphone MiniCMIT
  • Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S)

Shoeps Miniature Shotgun Microphone MiniCMIT

The shotgun microphone MiniCMIT offers the characteristics of a CMIT 5 in more compact form. The MiniCMIT, CMIT 5 and SuperCMIT (ch2) have identical frequency response curves. Furthermore, the MiniCMIT and CMIT 5 have circuitry with similar characteristics, such that the microphones can be interchanged without altering the sound.

  • Offers the characteristics of a CMIT in more compact form
  • Phantom Powering with P12 and P48
  • low current draw
  • Fixed 4th order low-cut filter at 70 Hz

The CMIT Series consists of three microphones:

  • The MiniCMIT, which offers the characteristics of a CMIT in more compact form
  • The CMIT 5, which was introduced in 2005 and has since become a standard in its class
  • The SuperCMIT, which achieves maximal directivity across a wide frequency range by means of
    intelligent digital algorithms.

All three SCHOEPS CMIT microphones use the same interference tube/capsule, prized around the world for its extraordinarily high sound quality:

  • High directivity combined with minimal coloration of off-axis sound
  • Smooth directional patterns, even in the part of the range where the pattern is narrower; voices sound natural both on and off axis
  • Sound quality remains unaltered even if the microphone isn‘t aimed precisely

Outstanding technical performance:

  • Optimal on-axis response
  • Smooth pickup of off-axis sound; diffuse-field frequency response rolls off gently above 2 kHz
  • Very lightweight and robust; ideal for use on a boom

Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble Softie Windshield (S)

The Spacer Bubble gives you the right Balance between wind-protection and audio transparency in changing conditions

The Spacer Bubble, Black is a multi-piece adaptable windshield solution for shotgun microphones designed specifically for boom operators, camera folks, sound mixers and all sound recordists who experience changing conditions. The Spacer Bubble includes the Spacer Base, Long-Haired Fur Cover and a carry pouch. A Short-Haired fur cover is available separately if you need it here.

The Spacer Bubble is also available in green, blue and red.


  • Switch locations fast and always get the best audio transparency while blocking unwanted noise from vocal plosives, boom 'swoosh' and wind.
  • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
  • Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh to allow your microphone to sound as naked as possible.
  • Slip-on fur made from Bubblebee Industries' best imitation fur (high density of hairs per cm2) which allows for optimal frequency transparency and effective wind protection.
  • Quick drying fur: if it gets wet simply place it in the aerated mesh bag and allow it to dry naturally.
  • Available in seven different sizes - to ensure you find a size that perfectly fits your favourite shotgun mic.
  • Save valuable time while getting best quality.
  • Practical mesh bag included for easy storage and fast mounting.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Spacer Bubble shotgun microphone windshield is constructed of a noise-free mesh base, with a coarse foam inside and our specially designed rubber mount at the bottom.

The combination of the foam and the mesh provides the perfect conditions for recording indoors. And if you suddenly have to act fast and go outside, simply slip-on the long-haired fur and experience the optimal transparency within seconds.

When your recordings are wrapped, you can always keep track of your Spacer Bubble by leaving on the base on your boom or camera mic and store the slip-on fur in the included practical mesh storage bag. That way you’ll always be ready!

The materials used in The Spacer Bubble have been carefully selected and tested to ensure you are able to stay protected from the wind, whilst retaining as much of your microphones original frequency response as possible. If you're working in light to medium winds, we also have The Short-Haired Spacer Cover (sold separately) to allow you to further strike a balance between wind protection and frequency transparency.


Schoeps Miniature Shotgun Microphone MiniCMIT

Sensitivity 16.5 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted) 14 dB-A (P48)
Equivalent noise level (CCIR) 24 dB (P48)
Maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% THD 130 dB (P48), 115 dB (P12)
Powering voltage P48 / >24 V, P12 / >11 V
Current consumption with 48 V 2.3 mA
Output impedance 100 Ω
Output socket XLR-3M, analog, 1 channel
Filter(s) fixed low-cut, 70 Hz, 24 dB/oct.
Length 151 mm
Diameter 21 mm
Weight 78 g
Additional comments SCHOEPS RFI Shield
Length of the cable >100 m

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Schoeps MiniCMIT w/ Bubblebee The Spacer Bubble (S) Bundle

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