Sound Devices MixPre-6 II + Orca OR-270 Sound Bag w/ SD Card Bundle


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Sound Devices MixPre-6 II + Orca OR-270 Sound Bag w/ SD Card Bundle

Bundle Includes:

Sound Devices MixPre-6 II Audio Recorder / Mixer / USB Audio Interface

4 XLR/TRS Combo input 8-track audio recorder (6+2ch Mix) with USB Audio Interface. The MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, and MixPre-10 II have significantly improved hardware, with 32-bit float recording, patented ultra-wide-dynamic-range A-to-D conversion, internal timecode generation, and recording up to 192 kHz sampling rates in all models. Recorded tracks can be set to auto-copy to a USB drive for easy file transfer, and limiter parameters can now be adjusted.


  • Four ultra-low-noise Kashmir microphone preamps with adjustable limiters capture high quality audio in the field, on set, or with a computer.
  • Create a mix using the built-in 6 x 2 portable mixer.
  • Record up to 8 tracks to an SD card and backup to a USB thumb drive.
  • 8-in, 4-out USB audio interface streams to your computer via USB-C.
  • Choose bit depths from 16 to 32-bit float, and sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • Internal LTC timecode generator. Timecode In/Out via Aux In/Stereo Out.
  • Timecode and record triggering via HDMI.
  • USB-A for control surfaces, keyboards, and auto-copy to USB drive.
  • In-unit ISO mixing, gain, pan, low-cut, phase inversion, and phantom power.
  • Sunlight-readable color touch screen and LED metering.
  • Lightweight, durable, and small: perfect for bag use, mobile recording, or a home studio.
  • Powerful 300 mW+300 mW headphone amp allows clear and accurate reference of audio.
  • Includes a MX-4AA Battery Sled (batteries not included), MX-PSU AC Power Supply, and USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • Customize with plugins from the Plugin Store.

For more information click the link here.

Orca OR-270 XS Sound Bag for MixPre 3/6

The Orca OR-270 XS mixer bag was designed to hold and protect the Mix-Pre 3, Mix-Pre 6.

The OR-270 is ideal to use for music recording or few channels simple day recording. The bag is very lightweight with access from all sides. Back and front pockets to hold small battery or a few wireless receivers. Sturdy internal structure for maximum protection during mobility.

Sennheiser HD 25 On-Ear ENG Headphones

Due to their low weight and the option of one-ear listening, the HD 25 headphones are indispensable for mobile monitoring. The closed-back HD 25 are purpose-designed, professional monitoring headphones offering high attenuation of background noise.

Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and of extremely robust construction, these headphones perform exceptionally well in loud environments, e.g. ENG, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring and audio equipment testing. Ideal monitoring headphones for cameramen and DJs, these are a pair of true sound professionals’ working headphones.


  • High sensitivity due to lightweight aluminum voice coils
  • Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels
  • Very lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods of time
  • Tough, detachable, single-sided cable
  • Rotatable capsule for single-ear listening

What's In The Box

  • HD 25 Headphones
  • Screw on jack adapter (to 1/4")
*Bag and spare earpads not included

Delkin Devices Advance SDHC 633X UHS-I Memory Card (16GB)

Shoot with a card that can finally keep up with your HD and 3D enabled video camera or DSLR. The Delkin Elite 633 SDHC memory card boasts an incredible 80MBps write speed and 95MBps read speed, making it the fastest SDHC card on the market. The new UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus-interface is fully compatible with SDHC and SDXC host devices and guarantees greater performance in applications where recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos is imperative.


Sound Devices MixPre-6 II Audio Recorder

Audio Inputs

Frequency Response10 Hz to 80 kHz +/- 0.5 dB re 1 kHz @ 192 kHz sample rate
THD + Noise0.005% max (@1 kHz, 22-22 kHz BW, gain= 20 dB, -10 dBu in)
ADC32 bit precision; 142 dB dynamic range min (A-weighted, gain = 10 dB, fader = 0 dB)
Equivalent Input Noise-130 dBV (-128 dBu) max (A-weighting, gain = 76 dB, 150 ohm source impedance)
Mic inputsXLR active-balanced; 4k input 
Line inputsXLR active-balanced; 4k input 
Line inputs¼-inch TRS active-balanced; 4k input
Aux/Mic in3.5 mm TRS, 2-channel unbalanced; 100k input 
USB Audio4 channels
All inputs fully RF-filtered and overload protected.
Mic input gain+6 dB to +76 dB
Line input gain-20 dB to +30 dB
Fader-inf to +20 dB
Headphone gain-inf to +20 dB
Total gain, Mic-to-recording (max)+96 dB
Aux In (Mic)Gain = +10 dB to +40 dB
Aux In (Line)Gain = -10 dB to +20 dB
Total Aux Gain including Fader (Mic-to-recording)+60 dB
Maximum Input Level Mic XLR+14 dBu (limiters on or off)
Maximum Input Level Line XLR/¼-inch+28 dBu (limiters on or off)
Maximum Input Level Aux In (Mic)-10 dBu
Maximum Input Level Aux In (Line)+10 dBu
Low Cut Filters40 Hz to 160 Hz (adjustable), 18 dB/oct. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital.
Microphone Powering Mic XLRs48 V via 6.8k resistors, 10 mA each
Microphone Powering Mic 3.5 mm3 V @ 3k source 
Limiter at all gain stages, range > 40dB. First stage analog, subsequent stages digital. Adjustable Threshold, Ratio, and Release. 

Audio Outputs

DAC feedingStereo Out, Headphone Out 32 bit precision; 115 dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
Stereo Out3.5 mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 500 ohm output impedance, +7.8 dBu max output level
Headphones Out3.5 mm TRS stereo unbalanced, 300 mW + 300 mW, for use with any impedance headphones


USB Audio Interface (USB-C)8-in/4-out; 44.1 to 96 kHz; 16/24-bit; Class-compliant USB 2.0 high speed or ASIO® (supplied via download)
USB Mass Storage (USB-C)USB 2.0 high speed
USB Keyboard (USB-A)Text entry and control
USB Thumbdrive (USB-A)Manual or auto-copy to drive
USB Midi Control Surface(USB-A)


Maximum Record Tracks8 Tracks: Stereo mix + 6 ISOs
Sampling Frequency44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz
Bit Depth16, 24, 32 Float
Recording Storage TypeSD, SDXC, SDHC Card (USB thumbdrive, copy only)
Recording Storage Max Storage Size512 GB (SDXC)
Recording Storage Card formatexFAT
Recording File TypePolyphonic WAV


Timecode ModesFree Run, Time of Day (file stamped w/current ToD, Rec Run, Ext LTC (file stamped w/incoming LTC on 3.5mm Aux In), Camera TC (file stamped w/incoming TC from cameras that output TC)
Timecode Frame RatesAuto-detects (fps): 23.98 (same as 23.976), 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97ND, 30, 30DF
3.5 mm Aux In Timecode Input20k ohm impedance, 0.3 V - 3.0 V p-p (–17 dBu - +3 dBu)
3.5 mm Stereo Out | Timecode Output1k ohm impedance, 3.0V p-p (+12 dBu)
HDMI TC Reader via HDMI

Remote Control

Bluetooth LEWireless control using Wingman app
HDMI (micro)Auto-record start/stop trigger from cameras that output record flag over HDMI
TimecodeAuto-record start/stop trigger via Aux In timecode
Touch Screen320x256; 1.6-inch, color, sunlight-viewable IPS LCD


AA Batteries4x AA sled (included); 8x AA sled (optional accessory). NiMH recommended
L-MountOptional sled for 2x (hot-swappable) Li-ion batteries
From computerBus-powered via USB-C port; optional MX-USBY cable, connects one USB-C to two USB-A ports
AC AdapterMX-PSU (included) Power supply wall adapter w/ USB-C connector; 15 W; has 4 adapter plugs for US, UK, AU & Europe


Operating-20°C to 60°C, 0 to 90% relative humidity; (non-condensing)
Storage-40°C to 85°C
Dimensions36mm x 166 mm x 118 mm (H x W x D); 1.40” x 6.53” x 4.65”
Weight.56 kg; 19.9 oz. (unpackaged, without batteries)


IncludesDelkin Elite 633 UHS-I Memory Card, Protective Case
CompatibilitySDHC host devices (all classes) & SDXC host devices (all classes)
Speed633X (95MB/s read & 80MB/s write)
Operating Temp-25C low and 85C high (-40C/85C storage)
CertifiedSDA (Secure Digital Association)

Sound Devices MixPre-6 II + Orca OR-270 Sound Bag w/ SD Card Bundle


(£1,055.00 ex. VAT )
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1 in stock now